Protect the Wealth and Assets You’ve Worked So Hard to Obtain

Individuals and families with significant assets often struggle to secure the appropriate risk management protection. Many providers lack the experience or knowledge needed to adequately protect high-value assets or liquid wealth. 其他s push unnecessary coverage products to pad their bottom line.

At Watkins Insurance Group, we understand the challenges associated with protecting wealth. Our agents possess extensive experience creating and managing customized solutions for individuals and couples with significant wealth.

Comprehensive 服务 for Ultra-Successful Individuals & 家庭

An effective asset protection plan blends several products and policies. To help you create the optimal protection solution for your unique situation, we offer advice on a number of options, 包括:

  • 业务 succession/transition strategies
  • Estate planning and estate tax payment strategies
  • Wealth protection strategies
  • 长期护理保险
  • 人寿保险
  • 家庭和汽车保险

Combining each of these protection strategies into a cohesive solution allows us to provide the optimal protection for your wealth and assets, both today and well into the future.

We Take a Concierge-Style Approach to Your Insurance Needs

Unlike other agencies or online providers who focus on selling you a policy or coverage product, our commitment lies in delivering truly concierge-like service. To meet that goal, our agents provide:

  • Customized service and guidance: We offer a level of customized service and guidance that many other agencies or online providers simply cannot match. This includes a thorough review of your situation, clear explanations of your unique 风险 and coverage options, and detailed advice on each product’s benefits and 限制. By offering this truly tailored service, we provide you with the information and confidence you need to protect your wealth and future.
  • 常规政策评论: A truly effective insurance solution evolves with your changing needs as your wealth, 风险, 和家庭成长. 考虑到这一点, we conduct regular reviews of your policies and overall protection plan to identify any areas of concern. 在某些情况下, we may need to add or increase coverage options, while in others we may be able to eliminate redundant or unnecessary policies.
  • Tax and Expense Reduction Strategies: Tax and expense reduction strategies aren’t always associated with your insurance broker, but paying too much in taxes (income, 资本利得, estate) is a risk that can sometimes be mitigated; some strategies with insurance, 一些策略不. With our CPA Team Based Model, working closely with the CPA community, we can help you determine if there are proactive strategies available to you that might decrease your tax burden and/or your business expenses, 现在和将来. If you are curious and would like to explore these strategies, please go to and take the questionnaire about you (and your business, if you are a business owner). PIN是514. Once completed, the results will come to us and we will call you to discuss.

Whatever your risk management concerns may be, and whenever they may arise, we are here to provide the assistance and answers you require.



联系 the Skilled Agents at Watkins to Protect Your Wealth

At Watkins Insurance Group, our agents have the knowledge and experience needed to help individuals and families with high-net value protect their wealth. 在线bwinac米兰 或打电话 要了解更多.



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