Insurance for Condominium and 首页owner Associations can be complicated if you are not familiar with the many factors that need to be considered. Our 社区协会 Team is dedicated exclusively to serving the needs of Associations as they focus all their efforts on handling the types of insurance products and coverage specific to this unique group.

Because of the volume of 社区协会s we serve, Watkins Insurance Group has built this specialized team and developed relationships with many insurance carriers in order to offer specialized coverage and the ability to consult every variety of 社区协会.

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Even if a property manager only looks after a single space, they face innumerable exposures—exposures that can come from a variety of sources, leading to thousands of dollars in damages and loss of income potential in an instant. Our helpful guide provides a summary of the major risks property managers must address and includes helpful strategies and materials they can use to reduce the exposures associated with their buildings.

What Coverage Does A 社区协会 Need?

  • 董事 & 官员的报道: A 社区协会 board member , and 社区协会 Managers take on significant responsibility in their position. There is risk when the board makes decisions , that those decisions may result in a in an accusation of negligence, 遗漏, breach of fiduciary duty, 等. With so many owners involved that can be impacted by the board’s decision, it is important to have liability coverage for those members.
  • 财产保险: Board members with 社区协会 are required purchase property insurance for the Association to protect the financial interest of all owners. This insurance must meet the requirements in the Declarations. The Association owns all of the common elements as defined by each 社区协会 Declarations and Bylaws. Common elements can include: the structure of the buildings, 网球场, 游泳池, 栅栏, 迹象, 纪念碑, 体育法庭.
  • 一般责任: The common elements are usually a great benefit to the association and residents, but if someone is injured on the property, the Association can be held liable. General liability coverage would provide protection in the case the Association is sued for bodily injury or property damage.
  • 犯罪的报道: You may hear this called Fidelity coverage, 或雇员不诚实, and it provides coverage if an employee commits theft or other acts of dishonesty.


The Federal Housing Administration insures loans that are written by mortgage companies, they require that the insurance written on the property that the mortgage companies are financing have certain coverage in place to protect the property.

These requirements create questions for 社区协会 board members and the 社区协会 Managers whenever a unit is being sold and the loan needs to be approved within these guidelines. For details on the specific guidelines, go to 联邦住房管理局的指导方针.

Watkins Insurance Group can also offer coverage for Condominium Unit Owners as well.


This website provides only a simplified description of coverages and is not a statement of contract. Coverage may not apply in all states. For complete details of coverages, 条件, 限制, 以及未承保的损失, be sure to read the policy, including all endorsements, 或招股说明书, 如果适用的话. Coverage CANNOT be bound, 修改, or altered by leaving a message on, 或依赖, information in this website or through email.​